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          Precision machining

          Jingcheng adopts advanced numerical control lathe and machining center to form high-precision metal parts through milling, cutting, drilling and tapping.

          Precision machining dimension is less tolerance of precision than casting size. First of all, we will control the size of the casting products within the tolerance range required by customers through the calibration method. As there is no need for precision processing, the production time is relatively short. If precision machining is required to obtain the required size, our engineers will choose the best processing technology at the design stage and choose the most suitable processing equipment to reduce the processing cost.

          Through more than 10 years of technical accumulation, Jingcheng can batch and stable production of high-precision and high-complexity parts from 0.5 mm up to 200 mm.

          Brand Type Quantity(station) Equipment Max machining dimension Max machining accuracy
          LGMAZAK VCS530CL 1 5-axis MC 1050*350*510mm 0.01mm
          LGMAZAK VTC-20B 1 4-axis MC 1120*510*510mm 0.01mm
          LGMAZAK VTC-160AN 2 4-axis MC 560*410*510mm 0.01mm
          LGMAZAK QT-200 11 CNC 300*300mm 0.01mm
          TAKISAWA NEX-108 4 CNC 300*200mm 0.01mm
          HYUNDAI WIA F500 1 5-axis MC 1200*500*785mm 0.01mm
          HYUNDAI WIA SKT15Z 3 CNC 300*200mm 0.01mm
          HYUNDAI WIA E200MC 1 Milling center 300*300mm 0.01mm
          Kaibo DC-8070A 2 CNC 800*700*300mm 0.01mm
          Domestic brand VMC850B 2 4-axis MC 800*500*550mm 0.01mm
          Domestic brand CL-15 6 CNC 300*200mm 0.01mm
          Hexagon Metrology EXPLORER08.10.06 1 CMM 800*1000*600mm (2.5+3.3L/1000)μm
          Hexagon Metrology EXPLORER05.07.05 1 CMM 500*700*500mm (2.7+3.5L/1000)μm

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